1948 mods
Title Author(s) Private Policy Public Policy
3D Furnace spAnser done done
4-Space Mattparks done done
AbyssalBlocks Shinoow done done
AbyssalCraft Shinoow done done
AbyssalCraft Heads Shinoow done done
AbyssalCraft Integration Shinoow done done
AcademyCraft WeAthFolD done done
Accidentally Circumstantial Events(ACE) Zavviasso done done
AchieveSON Lomeli12 done done
Actually Additions Ellpeck done done
Actually Computers canitzp done done
Additional Banners darkh4x help done
Additional BC Objects Flow86, da3dsoul done done
Additional Resources portablejim done done
AdditionalPipes tcooc done done
AddonforAMT-JP defeatedcrow done done
Admin Commands Toolbox ProfMobius done done
Advanced Brewing Mewk done done
Advanced Cables DarkLordWonton notifications notifications
Advanced Capes masterdisasterHD subject subject
Advanced Fluxian Tools Tgame14 done subject
Advanced Generators bdew done done
Advanced Genetics Mod ObsiLP done done
Advanced Health Options copygirl done done
Advanced Inventory CubeX2 done done
Advanced Lightsabers FiskFille, Void Adept done done
Advanced Machines (atomicstryker) AtomicStryker done done
Advanced Power Management Tallinu, Pantheis done done
Advanced Repulsion Systems immibis done done
Advanced Rocketry Zerotheliger098 done done
Advanced Solar Panels Chocohead subject subject
Advanced Solar Panels SeNtiMeL done done
Advanced Solar Panels + GraviSuite Fixer Chocohead done notifications
Advanced Spawn Control BloodNBonesGaming done done
Advanced Systems Manager Hilburn done done
Advanced Thaumaturgy LycaonX done done
AdvancedMachines (immibis) immibis done done
Advent of Ascension XolovA subject subject
Adventure Backpack JavierDarkona done done
Adventurer's Amulets GustoniaEagle done done
AE Lights fireball1725 done done
AE2 EE3 EMC Add-On fireball1725 done done
AE2 Stuff bdew done done
AE2 Tech Add-On fireball1725 done done
Aesthetics AleXndrTheGr8st done done
Aether kingbdogz done done
Aether Aspects brenwwe done done
AetherCraft iconmaster done done
AFSU XBony2 done done
AfterHours: Enter the Void kyau_net done done