• 1.3.0

    Mods Removed:

    • NotEnoughKeys


    Mods Updated:

    • Advent of Ascension 2.3.13 - 2.4.5
    • BiblioCraft 1.10.4 - 1.11.2
      • Added
        • Solid redstone/pulsed redstone toggle button to the clock
        • Tooltips to the framed block items
        • "diary" to the default list of words for books
        • Framed Chest
        • Stockroom Catalog
        • Locked message to blocks that have been locked with the lock and key when another player tries to use that block
        • Config to disable recipe book crafting
        • Config to force books added to the typesetting table to be either public or private
      • Changed
        • Fancy workbenches now connect to bookcases
        • Recipe books can now be used to craft items without a workbench
        • Can now navigate between lines on the clipboard with the arrow key
      • Fixed
        • Packet hack exploit
        • Couple dupe bugs with the slotted book
        • Rendering bug on the shelf
        • Crash related to tossing items
        • Crash with the Stockroom Catalog
        • Crash with Framed Chests
    • Botania r1.7-201 - r1.7-223
    • Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.6 - 3.3.7
      • Added
        • Config for rail slope fill
        • Top face rendering to routable fluids
        • Permissions support for offline-mode servers
        • Inverted collapsible block and converted to 16-step increments (existing ones will break)
      • Changed
        • Garage door can now be connected in any contiguous configuration and will act as a single entity.
        • Garage door open/close sound now only plays from piece closest to player.
        • Garage door now fills in voids introduced by destroying barriers beneath a door piece (configurable).
        • Garage door now better replicates adjacent door properties upon creation.
        • Garage doors in open state no longer susceptible to explosion damage.
        • Garage doors in closed state now destroy properly from explosions.
      • Fixed
        • Dupe bugs
        • Light cache crash
        • Mob spawns and crop growth
        • Daylight sensor not updating neighbours properly
        • Garage door not checking power state of connected doors
        • Only hearing default wooden block sounds
        • Permissions to resolve issues like safe breaking animations
    • Chisel 2 -
      • Fixed
        • ClassCastException with the GUI
        • Console Spam
    • Custom Main Menu 1.6 - 1.8
      • Added
        • openFolder Action
        • synced Property to PanoramasSlideshow capabilities for normal images
      • Fixed
        • Splash texts changing everytime a GUI is reopened
        • Panoramas animationSpeed not working
        • All Menus without a splash text crashing
    • DecoCraft 2.0.2 - 2.1.1
      • Added
        • 50+ Models
      • Changed
        • Rendering system so it is much faster
        • Shift clicking will ignore the bounding of other models allowing you to place models within models
      • Fixed
        • Glass and Snow blocking placement
        • Potential problem with fake tile entity casting
        • Issue preventing placing materials in the Decobench
        • Missing texture parts bug
        • Load time
    • Default Options1.0.4 - 1.0.24
      • Added
        • Support for default options rather than just key mappings
        • /defaultoptions save command to generate the defaultoptions.txt file
        • Support for OptiFine options
        • Support for local options
        • restore-from-backup if the value restoring fails
        • Support for config formats "ini" and "simple"
        • Support for wildcards within categories
        • Support for NOT operator in local configs
      • Changed
        • Improved Error Logging
    • Dr. Cyano's Lootable Bodies 1.3.5 - 1.3.6
      • Added
        • Support for EnderIO's soul-bound enchantment
    • Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.2 - 1.8.3
      • Fixed
        • Ender Dragon destroying protected blocks
          • Curses not getting used when placed on blocks
        • Broken block replacement causing issues in other mods
    • HarvestCraft 1.7.10i - 1.7.10j
      • Added
        • Config to change the amount of Baits gained from recipes
        • Config to can change the amount of Fresh Water from buckets again
        • Config to disable special farmland needs of water crops
      • Changed
        • All previously Palm tree-style fruit trees have been re-coded to act like/look like normal fruit trees.
        • Candied Lemon recipe now requires Bakeware instead of Saucepan
      • Fixed
        • Sapling/bonemealspawning issues due to palm trees
        • enableharvestcraftfish config not working
        • Juicer and Saucepan only being craftable in the middle of the crafting grid
        • Config option cropsdropSeeds not working. You now need to set rightclickharvestCrop to false, else the game uses the dropped crop item to re-plant the crop, leaving you only seeds.
    • MineTweaker 3.0.9B - 3.0.10
      • Changed
        • Temporarily disabled Buildcraft 6.1 support
        • Removed GregTech support, superseded by GT5 addon by DreamMasterXXL
        • You can now set block hardness and maximum stack size (<item>.hardness = 123; <item>.maxStackSize=4;)
        • game.lock() can now be used to prevent reloading
        • Reloading of scripts is now only performed if necessary
      • Fixed
        • Removed recipe rollback being broken
        • /mt help being broken
        • tools.jar not being found automatically
        • /mt hand crashing in some cases
        • Useage of quotes when setting names
        • MFR Safari net integration
        • MFR Fertilizer integration
    • ModTweaker 0.8.3 - 0.9.3
      • Added
        • Botania Pure Daisy & Brew handlers
        • Tinkers Construct Smeltery fuel handlers
        • Thermal Expansion Insolator handlers
        • Commands to output a list of recipes for various mods
        • Wildcard support for most remove() handlers
        • Support for Mekanism Energized Smelter, Solar Evaporation Plant and Solae Neutron Activator
        • OreDict support for Forestry Carpenter
        • Forestry Fermenter and Moistener fuel support
        • Support for railcraft Blast Furnace fuels
        • Thaumcraft aspect bracket handler
        • Extra Utilities QED support
        • Support for all the IC2 Classic machines
      • Changed
        • Updated to support Factorization 0.8.95
        • Updated to support Mekanism v8
        • Better error logging if parameters missing
        • Updated Centrifuge handlers for Forestry 3.6.0+
        • Inverted input1 and input2 for TE4
        • Removed TerraFirmaCraft support, moved to its own mod
      • Fixed
        • Handler for Thermionic Fabricator throwing an NPE
        • Error when using thaumcraft handler
        • Handler for removing Mekanism Metallurgic Infuser recipes
        • Handler for AE2 inscriber returning error messages when no error
        • Wrong map reference for the Mekanism Chemical Infuser
        • Annotation missing in Mekanism Sawmill handler
        • Ex Nihilo heat sources being unremovable
    • NEI Addons -
      • Fixed
        • Other mods crashing in mutation.getSpecialConditions
    • OpenBlocks 1.4.3 - 1.4.4
      • Changed
        • Bear traps open when trapped entity is killed
        • Flim-flam now has blacklist/whitelist switch
        • Luggages can now be named with name tags
      • Fixed
        • Crayon block being destructible in adventure mode
        • Vacuum hopper fluid bar not updating
        • Bear traps keeping entities trapped after game restart
        • Canvas block breaking animation
        • Luggages keeping their enchantments when placed in world and broken again
        • Trophies resetting item spawn timer when broken
    • OpenModsLib 0.7.3 - 0.8
    • The Spice of Life 1.2.3 - 1.2.4
      • Added
        • Config option to configure whether to use minecraft days instead of number of foods eaten for food history length
        • Config option to control how time progresses for players on a server
        • hunger_count and saturation_count to food.modifier.formula config
        • client-side config option to enable opening food containers when left clicking the air
      • Fixed
        • Food container dupe bug
        • Blacklist food groups getting diminishe
        • Food containers interacting with inventories that players can't interact with
    • Tinker's Construct 1.8.6a - 1.8.7
      • Added
        • RF Tools integration
      • Fixed
        • Crafting Station Chest NEI stuff
        • Dupe bug
        • Enderium not being blacklisted
        • Crash with bolts and external mod integration
        • Crash with thrown daggers
        • Crash with worldgen when smeltery is disabled


    FTB Departed
  • 1.2.1


    Advent of Ascension 2.3.12 - 2.3.13


    FTB Departed
  • 1.2.0

    DefaultKeys 1.0.4

    Advent of Ascension 2.3.12
    Botania r1.7-201
    Custom Main Menu 1.6
    Enchiridiun 2 2.0.2a
    Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.2
    JourneyMap 5.1.0
    ModTweaker 2 0.8.3
    NEI Addons
    Tinkers Construct 1.8.6a
    TicTooltips 1.2.5
    Wawla 1.3.1


    FTB Departed