Blast Off!

---STANDBY FOR GREETING....--- Greetings, S-CELL-230, I am ROBIT. I have determined the environment of Earth to be HABITABILITY: MARGINAL. In accordance with my programming, I have terminated your hypersleep.
---STANDBY FOR HISTORICAL SUMMARY....--- c.2120 CE: The resources of Earth are exhausted and climate change has peaked, yet technology still hungers for power. To meet this need, construction begins on the cutting-edge BioTNuclear Power Plant. c.2121 CE: Shortly after completion, a devastating earthquake triggers a cascading Core Failure Event. Though the Event is ultimately contained, the structural integrity of the world largest Nuclear and TBioCells manufacturing facility is irreparably compromised. With the aid of NASA's interplanetary technology, most of humanity flees to destinations throughout the solar system. c.2123 CE: You are almost aboard the last ship to leave Earth when the facility suffers a Global Catastrophic Structural Failure Event. Planetary lock-down engages. Per safety regulation SR-19, you are placed in suspended hypersleep until the environment of Earth is determined to be HABITABILITY: MARGINAL.
---STANDBY FOR ENVIRONMENTAL SIT-REP....--- AIR: 72% Poor/12% Lethal/16% Unknown. RESOURCES-MINERAL: 7% Viable/93% Nonviable. RESOURCES-ORGANIC: Negligible. LIFE-FLORA: Negligible. LIFE-FAUNA-NOCTURNAL: 73% Lethal, Predatory/27% Unknown. LIFE-FAUNA-DIURNAL: Negligible. CLIMATE: Extreme, Violent, Tornadic. THREAT-PHYSICAL: Critical to Lethal. THREAT-PSYCHOLOGICAL: Severe to Traumatic.
---STANDBY FOR INSPIRATION/HOPE....--- I, ROBIT, am here to guide you! Together, we will gather the necessary materials, and you will single-handedly construct a NASA interplanetary vessel of your very own! You will take to the stars and join the rest of humanity in space!---END INSPIRATION/HOPE---

This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled.