Recent changes

  • + add support for Minecraft 1.9


    * fix images not refreshing when filenames are changed in the XML files


    * fixed bug for users with windows path errors

  • + launcher now re-adds retired pack codes automatically if pack is installed locally

    * fixed jsons not downloading correctly

    * added additional logging for auth and offline mode

    * fixed modpack metdata loading for slow networks

    * fixed java 9 ea version string crash 

    * reworked minecraft thread dump generation: required binary for Windows users, tool is automatically downloaded from FTB repo when needed


    * fixed: multiple minor modpack and modpackloader tweaks. Launcher startup is now faster
    especially if user has added multiple private pack codes.
    * fixed: Ignore hamachi interfaces for hardware based UUID
    + added: Log pids of launcher and MC process
    + added: Log exit value of MC process
    * changed: warning/error dialogs at launcher startup are persistent and without ignore buttons
    * Users should fix their environment rather than ignore dialog/problem
    * --disable-bitness-checks, --disable-installation-location-checks and --disable-jvm-version-checks can be used to disable dialogs
    + added: command line argument --disable-mc-logging
    * might be useful if launcher use too much memory. MC process does its own logs if needed
    * updated: java links
    + added: button in console and menuitem in taskbar to generate Minecraft thread dump
    * Windows OS requires extra binary from github to make this feature working
    * Makes troubleshooting easier


    * update Mojang's authentication library

    * fix bug with 1710ls forge versions not launching

  • * fixed: pack download resume code
    * fixed: Launcher can be not used with mods which are unzipped into mods folder
    * fixed: error dialog at pack startup if user has too old java
    * fixed: minor cosmetic error in modpack edit dialog
    * fixed: authentication when user has multiple profiles in one account. Feedback?
    * updated polish translation
    * fixed: changelog link
    * added more logging for debugging network slowdowns etc
    * fixed: authlib: use unique client IDs
    * fixed: fixed FML classpath => mods can be unzipped if required

  • * fixed: offline mode
    * fixed modpack/texturepack/map filtering: filtering dialogs, filtering indicators
    indicate pack versionsin info screen and dropdown menus
    * new code: new java version sorting (should be invisible for users)
    * fixed: private pack adding (no more adding texturepacks and maps twice when adding private packs)
    * fixed: scrollbar and panes, resizeable main window( not DPI aware)
    * fixed: stop pack launching if downloading pack fails or unzipping fails
    * changed: launch button disabled if authlib download fails and no authlib available ( will show error dialog)
    * fixed: load news in separate thread (should make launching ~500 ms faster)
    * changed: by default keep launcher open after mc exiting
    * fixed: catch and log Exceptions from SwingWorkers. (report if new thread dump in logs)
    * added: --skip-first to skip first run dialog when used with --pack-dir <path to installation location>
    * changed: MC options files are only overwritten on force updates when included in modpacks
    * fixed: osx keybind combinations