Content creators

You are free to record videos, livestream or modify the FTB packs in any way you wish you may however under no circumstances redistribute the modpacks, you may link to the FTB site and instruct your viewers/users to download the launcher to install the modpacks.

Logo Guidelines


  • Use the official unmodified FTB logo to show that you are referencing FTB
  • Allow sufficient buffer space around the FTB logo
  • Feel free to stream or play FTB on youtube twitch or similar while linking into our site so your viewers can easily find what you are playing!
  • Create a unique brand that can easily be identified by your users separately from the FTB brand


  • Modify or alter anything that can be directly associated to FTB in any way that could cause FTB to be confused with another brand

You should not use this as the branding for your site, create your own unique brand and contact us here if you want to use the logo on your site.

Note: You may use the logo on your server website without asking for permission if the purpose is to link users to our website to allow them to download the launcher

You are free to use the logo on your youtube or twitch channel or videos unless you are notified otherwise by the FTB Team as long as you don't make any claim to creating or being a part of FTB.